Below, please find the steps for Veterans and their dependents to apply for benefits, including a recommended timeline.  These steps are also available as a printable timeline checklist:  Veterans Benefits Application Procedures - Timeline Checklist
You can also follow these links to current Benefit-Specific Application Information and SIS eForms Certification Request steps.

The college participates in several programs (Chapters 30, 31, 33, 1606, 1607, VMSDEP, Fry Scholarship, MyCAA, and others) that provide benefits to veterans and/or their dependents. Eligibility requirements under this heading pertain to meeting and maintaining academic requirements to establish and/or continue receiving benefits.  Students may visit the Financial Aid Office or call 757-569-6715 prior to enrollment to speak with a Veteran’s School Certifying Official (SCO).  Generally, enrollment and certification of veterans involves the following steps and approximate timeline:

  1. Apply for College Admissions – preferably starting at least 30 days before classes begin
    • Apply to Camp at, note student ID and password.
    • Check with the Admissions Office to see if in-state tuition has been granted and if not, request appeal form for in-state tuition based on military- or veteran-connected benefits.
    • Meet with advisor to choose program of study and classes*.  Unofficial transcripts are helpful.
  1. Apply with the Department of Veteran Affairs – immediately after applying for admission
    • Student must apply for benefits directly to the Veterans Administration (VA) at
    • If the student has already used VA educational benefits at another college, s/he must fill out a Change of Program or Place of Study form at and provide the confirmation number to the SCO.
    • Veterans who have recently separated from service may also apply for Chapter 36 Educational and Career Counseling.
  1. File Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) –  preferably at least 2 weeks before classes begin
    • Apply for username and password online at –; The federal government does an initial review for eligibility that takes at least 3 days before it can be used to file the FAFSA.
    • Once active, file the FAFSA (our school code is 009159); reapply every year by June 1.
    • Twice a week, the College receives new FAFSAs and reviews them for completeness. Only after the Camp Financial Aid review and completion of any required paperwork, will a financial aid award be offered.
    • Requests for additional paperwork and award updates are provided via the Student Information System (SIS) Message Center. Students will use the information from step 1, above, to log in and retrieve these messages.
    • A student with both a Pell Grant and other VA benefits will have the VA applied prior to Pell Grant funds.  If Pell Grant pays before VA funds are received, then the Pell will be refunded when VA funds are applied.
  1. Submit Prior Learning for Credit—as soon as possible, within 2 semesters
    • Students who have earned prior credits must submit documentation to the Camp Admissions Office.  Military transcripts, CLEP, AP, certifications and unofficial transcripts may be uploaded through the Credits 2 Careers Portal at
    • Official documents may also be submitted to the College Registrar in the Admissions Office.
  1. Each semester, request certification —as soon as possible, preferably at least a week before classes begin
    • Submit request and any additional documentation noted by Benefit type, below.
    • Options for submission include an eForm, available in the Student Information System (SIS); using the college-assigned email, send to; or in person at either the Franklin or Suffolk Campus Financial Aid Office.
    • Eligible enrollment certifications will then be reported to the VA, via Enrollment Manager, an online portal.
    • See benefit-specific information below, for more details.
    • Once certified, students will receive a confirmation via college email account for each period of enrollment (short classes count as separate enrollment periods).
    • Wait at least 48 hours after receipt of email and then call 1-888-GI-Bill-1 to make payment inquiries.  Chapter 33 students will receive another email after tuition charges are reported later in the term.
  1. Ensure tuition payment arrangements -- by published tuition due date
    • For new students, this may require completion of a Payment Plan, Do Not Drop form, or Advance Pay request form (if eligible), unless sufficient Financial Aid is awarded.
    • Contact Camp Business Office for Payment Plans or Financial Aid Office for all other inquiries.
  1. If enrollment changes – immediately, before change is made, if possible
    • Submit changes to SCO using eForm, via college-assigned email, or in person.
    • Please refer to the College Catalog for additional information about the refund policy for credit and reinstatement if a student is mobilized or ordered to active duty.

*Disclosure of Conditions and Additional Requirements Related to Obtaining Credentials

Certain programs of the college have conditions imposed by state, federal, and corporate entities and other requirements related to obtaining credentials.

Such conditions or requirements are detailed in the program description found in the Paul D. Camp Community College Catalog and Student Handbook.

These include licensure/certification requirements and fee information (e.g., nursing licensure exams), specific physical demands of the workplace (e.g., vaccinations), and potential licensure/certification and/or employment limitations for students with criminal backgrounds (e.g., in securing employment as a police officer or working with children).

Application materials for selective admissions program, i.e., those programs that require an admissions application in addition to the general admissions application for the college, also disclose special conditions, requirements, and costs.