Transfer Credit

Transferring credits to CAMP allows previous college-level study, examinations, or career experience to be evaluated for possible college credits. CAMP only accepts transfer credit for which a student has earned a "C" or better grade. CAMP's Catalog outlines the college policy on accepting transfer credits from other institutions. The Transfer Credit Evaluation Request form must be submitted to initiate the evaluation. Only courses that apply to a student's current major will be considered for transfer. When a student changes majors, transfer credits will not be removed. If a student changes major/program, they must request that those courses be evaluated.

Prior to submitting the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request form, the student must ensure they are placed in the degree plan of their choice. Upon submission of the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request a maximum of 45 credits will be transferred in as applicable to the student’s degree plan on record in the Student Information System (SIS) at the time of the request. The College Registrar Office (CRO) will implement this process with a review of the requestors’ advisement report for degree requirements. Throughout this process, the CRO will review the requestor’s academic record and all Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) documents submitted for credit awards. Credits will not be given for duplicate course requirement. Students will receive an email notification once evaluations are completed.

Evaluation Process

To have your previous work evaluated by CAMP, please send your official documents to:

Paul D Camp Community College
College Registrar Office
100 North College Drive
Franklin, VA 23851


  • Please fill out the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form.
    • This form is required to evaluate college transcripts, international transcripts, and test scores such as IB, AP, and CLEP.
    • If a student attended another college within the Virginia Community College System, they do not need to request an official transcript to be sent to CAMP.
  • Please allow approximately eight to twelve weeks from when the CRO receives the document for the transfer credit review.
  • Please note that delays can be expected during certain times of the year, e.g., graduation, CAMP program application deadlines, and the beginning of each semester.
  • The student will be contacted regarding the transcript evaluation through your VCCS email address. CAMP does not accept faxed college transcripts.
  • Students are responsible for submitting all required documents for evaluation.
  • Students who elect to send official transcripts via the National Student Clearinghouse, Naviance, Parchment, or directly from their institution can direct their transcripts to
    • Important: Sending your transcripts to a different email may result in delays and the College Registrar's Office not receiving your documents.

Transcripts from Institutions Outside the U.S.

International credentials are accepted by the College for transfer credit; however, the College does not translate or evaluate foreign documents. Applicants with educational documents from outside the U.S. are referred to professional organization or agency that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluators or is approved by the Virginia Department of Education. The official transcript evaluation must be sent directly from the agency to CAMP. Students are encouraged to have their foreign transcripts evaluated course-by-course rather than by degree. CAMP does not endorse any specific evaluation agency.  The fee for this evaluation and the time required for completion of the evaluation vary with each agency and is the responsibility of the student. Once the translated evaluation has been received, it is then reviewed in Enrollment Management to establish college course equivalencies.

Global Credential Evaluators
Phone:  800-707-0979

International Consultants of Delaware, Inc.
Phone: 215-243-5858

Phone: 713-266-8805

Josef Silny and Associates
Phone:  305-273-1616

World Education Services
Telephone: 212-739-6100


CAMP accepts official college transcript by the following methods:

  • Digitally via a transcript service such as Parchment or the National Student Clearing House
  • US mail in a sealed envelope
  • Hand-delivered in a sealed envelope

Transfer grades appear as a "T" and do not impact a student's GPA.

CAMP will evaluate and transfer all applicable 100-level and 200 college-level coursework. Transfer credit coursework will appear on the student's Camp Official transcript and advising report.

If a student attended another college in the Virginia Community College System, they do not need to send an official transcript to CAMP. Please fill out the VCCS Evaluation form and submit it to

VCCS Schools

If a student attended another college in the Virginia Community College System, they do not need to send an official transcript to CAMP. Please fill out the VCCS Evaluation form and submit it to

The College Registrar's Office (CRO) is responsible for evaluating the following:

  • Transcripts from colleges and universities within the United States and foreign transcripts evaluated by WES, IERF, FCSA, or ECE.
  • Non-traditional credits include AP, ABLE, ACE, CLEP, CAMBRIDGE, DSST, IB, SAT II, and high school transcripts.
  • College-level credit earned through work experience or from another type of learning institutions

Your transcript will only be processed if you have the following:

  • Applied to CAMP.
  • Declared a program of study.
  • Submitted official transcript/test score.
  • Enrolled in classes

Enrollment is the first step in the evaluation process. We encourage students to submit any previous college transcripts, standardized exam scores, certificates, licensures, or military experience before the first term at CAMP. If prior coursework is not submitted before the start of a semester, it will not be evaluated for transfer credit processing until after the academic drop deadline in the first semester.