The Testing Center manages and delivers a variety of tests for future students and enrolled students. Those tests are the placement test, online class proctored exams, graduating exams, and placement exams for high school students applying for dual credit classes. 


Direct Enrollment is replacing Placement Testing for summer and fall 2020. 

What is Direct Enrollment?

  • Direct enrollment is a self-directed form of enrollment into college, career, and technical class offerings.   Admission Advisors will help students through this process if needed. 

What do I need to do to begin the Direct Enrollment process?

  • The first step is to apply to CAMP Community College. Once you have completed the application process, you will be given a 7-digit number That 7-digit number is your personal college ID number. That student ID number will be the number you will use after you graduate to access college transcripts for future employers.  So, it is a valuable number for you and your future.
  • If you should develop any problems while completing your application, then you can contact the following Admission Specialists who can resolve any issues and help you finish the application process:

What if I finish the application process and I do not see a 7-digit number?

  • A problem has occurred in your application process.  You need to contact Mrs. Ferguson at her email listed above. She will resolve the problem and help you if necessary to complete the application process. 

I have completed my application and have received my 7-digit student ID number. What is the next step?

  • The next step after the application process is enrollment in classes.  The Admissions Advisors can assist you.  They will ask you the program in which you are interested. If you are unsure, they can discuss a variety of programs that we offer that will line up with your interests and career goals.  They will ask you some simple non-threatening questions that will help you determine your course selection. They can also provide you with the options for any courses that provide readiness and support for your program courses.
  • Once  you have selected a program and determined the best course selection for your first semester, the Advisor can enroll you in your courses.  

Who should I contact to enroll for my first semester of classes?  

On the Franklin campus, you may contact the following Advisors:

On the Suffolk campus, you may contact the following Advisor:

At the Smithfield Center, you may contact the following Advisor:

What would the onboarding Advisor need to know to begin my advising process?

They will need to know what best describes you:

  • New recent high school graduate within past 5 years
  • New students out of high school 6 or more years
  • Current VCCS students
  • New students interested in Allied Health programs
  • Veterans and dependents
  • High school students interested in college classes
  • Other

Would documentation such as high school transcripts, SAT, ACT, or GED score reports be required?

They would not be required, but helpful.  If you have graduated in the past five years, your high school transcripts can be helpful in determining the best course placement for you if your GPA is 2.0 or above. However, while we accept these transcripts, we do not require them for enrollment.
If you have taken the SAT or ACT within the past five years, the following score reports can be helpful in enrolling you:

Test Scores
SAT - Math 470 or above
SAT – Reading/Writing 400 or above
ACT - Math 17 or above
ACT – English/Reading 15 or above

If you have successfully completed a GED program within the past five years, the following score reports can be helpful for your Advisor:

GED Test Scores
GED Math 155 or above
GED English 165 or above

How has the Covid-19 virus affected enrollment? Will I  have to wait until the college reopens?

  • While the Covid-19 virus has affected the building accessiblity, the college is fully operational.  While you cannot talk to an Advisor face-to-face at this time, you may contact an Advisor by email and he or she can call you right away and walk you step by step through the enrollment process.  
  • If you have difficulty with the application process at this time, you can also contact one of the Admissions Specialists identified above and they will help you through the application process.

Online Proctoring Sign-up Form

  • Students need to schedule their proctoring to fit within the deadlines of their instructor's timeframe.

Proctoring for Online Students

Please Note:  Procto​red online testing in the Testing Center has been suspended temporarility due to the Covid-19 virus necessitating the closing of the campus.  

The Testing Center also provides exam proctoring for students enrolled in college classes requiring testing throughout the semester. Some of these students are enrolled in classes at CAMP Community College. They may also live in our service area but be enrolled in classes at NVCC or other community colleges throughout the state of Virginia. We also serve students’ proctoring needs in our service area who are enrolled in 4-year colleges in Virginia and outside of Virginia. To set up an appointment for online test proctoring, please contact:  Ms. Mary Ellen Gleason, 757-569-6740 or

College Classes for High School Students

Further testing that the Testing Center supports is placement testing for high school students interested in dual credit classes. Dual credit or dual enrollment classes are classes that earn high school credit and college credit.  These classes are courses that transfer to four-year colleges or provide career and technical training. Testing for these students is made between the high schools and the Testing Center. If you are a high school student who is interested in dual credit classes, contact either your Guidance Counselor or our Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Judy Wachsmann  

Practice Books, Sample Tests, and Other Resources

Future students are advised to review practice materials for preparation of the placement test. The following materials are available for future students to review the skills needed to successfully complete the placement test:

Once these practice materials are reviewed, online testing samples can be accessed by clicking on the following Sample Tests:

Those future students interested in calculus practice resources, may find the following websites useful:

Dual Enrollment Testing Dates for Area High Schools

The college offers various college level and career/technical courses to area high schools through our dual enrollment program. The following high schools participate in the Camp dual enrollment program:

Franklin High School
  • TBA

Southampton High School
  • TBA

Southampton Academy
  • TBA

Lakeland High School
  • TBA

Nansemond River High School
  • TBA

Kings Fork High School
  • TBA

Isle of Wight Academy
  • TBA

Windsor High School
  • TBA

Smithfield High School
  • TBA

Pruden Center
  • TBA

Suffolk Christian Academy
  • By Appointment

Home Schooled Students
  • By Appointment

For those high school students or parents of high school students interested in dual enrollment classes, please contact your high school’s guidance counselor for further instructions. Placement tests are required for all students interested in taking dual enrollment classes. The dates for testing are arranged between the high schools and the college. Please contact the high school guidance counselor to determine when the next placement testing sessions are scheduled. The PSAT, SAT, and ACT tests are considered alternate tests to qualify for dual enrollment provided the scores meet certain cut-off scores. Please contact your high school’s guidance counselor for more information about alternate testing qualifications. If you have any further questions about dual enrollment testing, please contact Ms. Mary Ellen Gleason at 757-569-6740 or

Instructions for future dual enrollment students.

  • All first time students must submit an online application
  • Students must bring with them their student ID number provided by the application process
  • It is strongly recommended that students review the practice materials on this webpage.
  • A four-function calculator is provided within the test. Personal calculators are not permitted.
  • Dual enrollment testing is provided on the site of the high school. However, during the summer months, testing or retesting is administered at the college. To sign up for testing or retesting for the dual enrollment programs, high school students may sign-up on this page selecting the campus and times offered throughout the summer months.

If the times offered on the sign-up form do not suit the students’ schedule, they may contact:

Our Dual Enrollment Coordinator is Judy Wachsmann, who can answer any questions about dual enrollment and advise throughout a student’s program. Her contact information is 757-569-6081 and