As with all college classes, students taking Dual Enrollment classes should begin with the end in mind. First, ask yourself “What job do I think I’d like to have? What education or training do I need to have in order to get that job? Where can I get that education or training? Which classes will I need to take to get that degree? How do Camp classes fit in? Which of these classes can I take through Dual Enrollment, and which will I need to take on my own?” Camp’s high school career coaches, advisors and the dual enrollment coordinator can help you with those questions.

You should also take a look at the Virginia Wizard, a virtual site that helps students identify their career areas of interest, choose majors, see how courses transfer, etc. Visit the Virginia Wizard at

Another great website to try is Big Future, a college search engine created by the folks at College Board.

There you can find colleges that offer the bachelor’s degree that you want and from their websites you can then determine which classes at Camp will help you to earn part of your degree for less time and much less money.