The answer depends upon a lot of variables, such as when and where you are taking the class. If you are taking the class during the day at your high school, you might not have to pay any tuition at all. This is because Camp has partnered with the high school to reimburse tuition in exchange for the schools’ support of the dual enrollment program. On the other hand, Camp is required to charge tuition to the schools for some classes.

The schools then pass part of the cost on to the students, and a fee is assessed. When there is a fee, it is a high school fee, not a Camp fee- so it must be paid at the high school and any questions about it must be directed to the high school, not Camp. Even if there is a fee, dual enrollment is still an amazing bargain- students can earn many college credits at savings of up to 100%!

If the class is not taught at the high school as part of your daily schedule, you must pay full tuition and fees for the class. For 2018-2019, the cost is $152.40 per credit hour. Payment for these classes is due before the semester begins. If you don’t pay for your class before the deadline, the class will be dropped from your schedule.