Eligibility depends upon a variety of factors. Students have to meet the requirements shown in the table below:

Class Standing Type of School Camp Application for Admission Required? Appropriate Virginia Placement Test (VPT) or PSAT, ACT or SAT scores required? Consent Form showing Parent or Guardian Permission Required? High School or Home School Permission Required?
Junior or Senior Public School or Private Academy Yes Yes Yes Yes, verification from principal, headmaster or guidance counselor
Junior or Senior Homeschool Yes Yes Yes Yes, including letter from school system documenting acknowledgement of homeschool or religious exemption
Freshman or Sophomore Public School or Private Academy Yes Yes Yes Yes, as above for juniors/seniors, and in addition a letter of recommendation from Principal or Headmaster confirming academic and social readiness for college coursework, approved by Camp President
Freshman or Sophomore Homeschool Yes Yes Yes Yes, as above for juniors/seniors and in addition the written recommendation of a Camp counselor or admissions specialist, approved by the president

Letters of recommendation, Homeschool letters etc, should all be sent directly to the Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Judith Wachsmann, at jwachsmann@pdc.edu.