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Camp Alert is one of the many notification tools that the College will use to alert students, faculty and staff of an emergency situation and of closings and delays due to inclement weather. Camp Alert allows the College to send urgent text messages and e-mails to those who are registered in the system.

Camp Alert is delivered through Everbridge, but it is operated by staff at Paul D. Camp Community College. With the exception of test messages, those registered in the system will receive only emergency notifications and notifications about inclement weather closings and delays from the College.

This is a voluntary system, so if you would like to receive these messages, you must register. It is simple and easy to sign up, and you may register multiple mobile devices and e-mail addresses. There is no fee to register for Camp Alert, but your carrier may charge fees for receiving messages on your wireless device. Get started, and sign up for Camp Alert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should sign up for Camp Alert?
Any student, parent, faculty or member of the staff who wishes to immediately be informed of an emergency situation or inclement weather closing and delay at Paul D. Camp Community College.

When will Camp Alert be used?
Camp Alert will be used if College administration, College security or local authorities determine there is an immediate threat or any time an urgent need arises that requires the College community to take quick action, such as a tornado warning, bomb threat or hazmat spill. Camp Alert also will be used for notification of schedule changes due to inclement weather.

Is Camp Alert the only notification system used by the Paul D. Camp Community College?
The College will use several communication methods in addition to Camp Alert to notify students, faculty and staff of an emergency situation and of inclement weather closings and delays. Other methods of notification include: student e-mail, the College web site, Facebook, Twitter, employee e-mail, employee voicemail, the public address system, electronic bulletin boards, fire alarms, security officers, area emergency coordinators, indoor security call boxes, and media outlets.

Will I receive duplicate messages?
If you have multiple e-mail addresses and mobile devices registered in the Camp Alert system, you will receive the same information through all those e-mail addresses and on all the devices you listed in the system. In some cases, e-mail notifications may be a bit longer because of text message character limitations, but the important details will be the same no matter how you choose to receive the alerts. If an emergency situation is ongoing, you may also receive follow-up notifications, so it is important that you always read any messages sent through Camp Alert.

I attend classes or work at more than one Paul D. Camp Community College location. What do I need to do to make sure I receive Camp Alert messages for both campuses and for the College’s off-campus sites?
Camp Alert messages are sent to all users, regardless of where they take their classes or work. That’s because so many Paul D. Camp Community College faculty, staff and students spend time at both campuses, at the College’s other sites, or in online classes.

Will Camp Alert be tested?
Yes. In order to ensure the system is working properly, Camp Alert will be tested at least once a month as part of the college's regular emergency communications test plan. All messages sent out as part of these exercises will clearly state they are part of a test.

I subscribed to Camp Alert, but I did not receive the alert. What happened?
If you know that an alert has been sent out, but you did not receive it, you should check the following:

Check your Camp Alert account to make sure all e-mail addresses and device information you listed are accurate.

Make sure your SPAM filter did not block the message.

Check with your wireless carrier to make sure it is not experiencing network issues.

Does Paul D. Camp Community College update my information when it’s wrong?
Paul D. Camp Community College will not verify the accuracy of the data you enter into Camp Alert. It is your responsibility to make sure all information entered into the system is accurate.

How is my contact information updated in Camp Alert?
Each subscriber is responsible for updating his/her information in the Camp Alert system. When you register for Camp Alert, you will be asked to create a username and password for your account. You may go back into your account at any time to add devices; update phone numbers and e-mail addresses; or unsubscribe.

What if I no longer want to receive alerts?
You may unsubscribe from Camp Alert at any time. If you decide you no longer want to participate in the notification system, you may go into your account on the Camp Alert web site, and remove your information.

How many devices may I register?
Camp Alert allows you to register multiple wireless devices and e-mail addresses.

Is there a cost?
There is no fee to register for Camp Alert, but your carrier may charge a fee for receiving messages on your wireless device.

Will my contact information be shared with anyone?
No. The information you enter into the Camp Alert system will only be used by Paul D. Camp Community College.

Additional Resources

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Important Notice for Internet Explorer (IE) Users:

If you use Internet Explorer on your computer to log into Camp’s Camp Alert system, please make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the IE browser. Due to system upgrades, Everbridge, the provider that powers Camp’s Camp Alert system, will no longer be able to support older versions of Internet Explorer (IE10, IE9 or older).

Users of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Edge should not experience any access issues due to these upgrades, and those who access Camp Alert through the Everbridge mobile app will not be impacted.