Congress and the Department of Veterans Affairs are still considering changes to minimize the effects of COVID-19 on the community.   Students receiving financial aid or veterans benefits should remember that you must follow certain rules currently in place, in order to keep your funding this semester:

  • If you have only online courses, then your FA and VA funding remains unchanged as long as you pass your classes.
  • If you have classes that are moved online or remote instruction, then the same rule applies.
  • If you have classes, or portions of classes (e.g., labs, clinicals), that are not moved to an online/remote format, and are extended, you must return to class to complete it when the college’s facilities re-open.
  • If you have a late starting class that cannot be started, then your aid will be recalculated and unearned aid must be repaid.
  • If you have Veterans Benefits and are in a 3rd 5 week MTT1 class, VA will not pay for a developmental class to be offered online.Your certification will be amended to exclude that course after Wednesday, March 19, unless the rule is changed on that date.
  • If you are a Work-Study employee, check your student email for information about how to continue to be paid during the closure.

Bottom line:  Please do not withdraw from your classes!   The situation is very fluid and we continue to try to find win-win solutions.  We can work with you in many different scenarios, but once you withdraw most options are gone. Continue to attend the online/remote versions where offered, and return to the College when our facilities re-open.  Endeavor to pass as many classes as you can, to keep your aid.  

Please email us at for fastest response if you have a specific question.

Thank you for choosing Camp!