What is a QEP?

A Quality Enhancement Plan (or QEP) is a plan to improve student learning or student success.

What is 15 to Finish?

Informally titled 15 to Finish, Camp’s QEP is focused on improving student success, specifically improving program completion.

Camp’s Goal for the QEP is:
Over the next five years, to increase the on-time program completion rate from 13% to 25% for all new, first-time, degree-, certificate-and career studies certificate-seeking students entering the College in Fall 2018 and thereafter. In other words, we want more students to finish what they start, and finish on time.

What is Program Completion?

A program completion rate is the percentage of students enrolled in a program who finish it and graduate in a specified period of time.

Why is 15 to Finish relevant for me (FAQ)?

What does it mean to finish my degree on time?

You often hear associate degrees referred to as “two-year degrees.” That’s because it takes two years to finish one if you take an average of 15 credits each fall and spring semester over two years. All of Camp’s Associate Degrees require at least 60 credits, some more. 4 semesters x 15 credits per semester = 60 credits. If you take fifteen credits per semester, or 30 credits per year, you are more likely to complete your degree within two years. If you take fewer than 15 credits per semester or 30 credits per year, you will not complete an associate degree on-time, even if you attend full-time for financial aid by taking 12 credits per semester. Likewise, for Certificates and Career Studies Certificates.

Are there benefits to on-time completion?

Yes! Completing on-time saves you time and money. Typically, the cost of tuition, fees, and textbooks goes up each year. The longer you are in college, the more you may have to pay for classes and books. Also, the longer you take to complete your degree or certificate, the less earnings you will have over time. Every semester you are in college without completing the degree or certificate that you need to get hired for a job or pursue your career goals, is a semester that you’ve lost out on earning enough money meet your financial needs now and saving for your future.

I can’t be a full-time student. Is that still okay?

We know that not every student will take 15 credits every semester. Consider, for example, if you were planning to take just one class, could you maybe take two? Or if you’re taking six credits, could you take nine? Your advisor can help you make a plan to reach your academic goal in the best way possible.

I want to learn more about 15 to Finish. Where do I go?

Students should meet with their academic program advisor.

Want to read the plan?

Click here: Addressing the Missing Piece in the Momentum pathway: Leveraging “15 to Finish” Principles to Establish a New Norm for Student Completion at Camp.