TEAS Entrance Exam Current Application Cycle

Out of an abundance of caution in response to COVID-19, face masks are required for entry into the building and offices and classrooms

In an effort to be fair to all applicants, you cannot transfer your testing date if testing at Camp Community College. 

  • Seating is limited to 12 testers per date.

Interested candidates need to contact Ms. Taylor - ttaylor@pdc.edu and cc: cgriffin@pdc.edu and provide proof of purchase at least 48 hours prior to the testing date; remember that seating is limited, and your seat will not be confirmed without proof of purchase. Dates will fill up quickly! 

Pay for and register for your exam (About the TEAS Student Flyer)

6-week study plan

Virtual Advising Session 2021

How to update your institution name in your student account

How to Create an Account and Pre-pay for your ATI TEAS Exam

SmartPrep Information

Take your exam at Camp, cost is $65; students will pre-pay before testing day; please provide Administrative Assistant a copy of your receipt: cgriffin@pdc.edu.

To purchase your exam, and select your exam date at Camp; follow the link for the ATI TEAS Student Flyer above.

Franklin Testing Center

Schedule for TEAS Nursing Entrance Exam for the Franklin Campus

  • TEAS Nursing Entrance Exams are scheduled for Fridays.
Fall 2021 Dates
September 24
October 8 - Canceled
October 22
October 29
November 5
November 12
November 19
December 3
December 10
Spring 2022 Dates
January 7
January 14
January 21
January 28
February 4
February 11
February 18
February 25
March 4 (last date)

*Exam dates and times are subject to change 

Policy Brief Unvaccinated Nursing Students

All students applying for admission to the Registered Nursing Program, Advanced Placement Program, and Practical Nursing Certificate Program must take the TEAS Nursing Entrance Exam for the 2021/22 Academic Year.

Study materials: https://www.atitesting.com/teas/study-manual

ATI TEAS Product SKU: RMXX15027; if purchasing directly from ATI TEAS Online store, the cost of the study guide is $25. (Version 5)

Upon arriving at Camp Community College, you will be asked to provide a government issued picture identification, e.g. a driver’s license, or passport. No calculators, cell phones or electronic devices are permitted in the testing center; DO NOT BRING ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICES INTO THE TESTING CENTER; VIOLATERS WILL BE INSTRUCTED TO LEAVE. Scratch paper and pencils will be provided.

Students are only allowed to take any of the Nursing Entrance Exams: TEAS, Kaplan or HESI, once a semester for a total of twice per application cycle: TEAS Entrance Exam (offered at Camp Community College).

Exam dates must be at least 6 weeks apart. The TEAS Nursing Entrance exam at Camp Community College will be offered according to the posted schedule.

If a student needs to retest; then the highest score will be accepted.

The TEAS Nursing Entrance Exam consists of 4 Components: Reading, Mathematics, Science and English and Language Usage, 170 Questions, 209 minutes


  • 53 questions
  • 64 minutes
  • Content Covered: Key ideas and details. Craft and structure. Integration of knowledge and ideas


  • 36 questions
  • 54 minutes
  • Content Covered: Numbers and Algebra. Measurement and data


  • 53 questions
  • 63 minutes
  • Content Covered: Human Anatomy & Physiology. Life and Physical Sciences. Scientific reasoning

English and Language Usage

  • 28 questions
  • 28 minutes
  • Content Covered: Conventions of standard English. Knowledge of Language. Vocabulary acquisition