Below are the Information Packets and an Electronic Application Forms. By entering the two digits electronically on the application, you are also stating that you have read the information packet and agree to abide by the requirements specified. Prior to filling out an application, please refer to the program packet, listed below. There are required documents that must be provided to the Nursing and Allied Health programs before you can be considered for admission.

Attention applicants: High School Diploma or GED required. You will need to provide a copy of your official transcripts from high school or GED, college, university or trade school for each program you are applying to; even if you applied to our programs in the past.

Admissions Procedures for Camp Community College’s Nursing Programs

Please note: The Nursing and Allied Health Department will no longer be pulling old transcripts from previous files/programs. We appreciate your continued interest in our programs, however, due to our limited resources, we ask that you provide new transcripts when you apply to other programs. Transcripts are required for admission.

Policy Brief Unvaccinated Nursing Students

Nursing & Allied Health Information/Program Packets

Nursing Applications

Check list - Applicants will hand deliver all required documents: 

# 1 - Hard Copy of Nursing application 

# 2 - High School Diploma or GED required

# 3 - Official Transcripts

  1. High School 
  2. College/University/Trade School
    1. The Nursing Department does not require an official Camp Community College transcript; however, the department requires official transcripts from any other VCCS college.

# 4 - Passing National Nursing Program Entrance Exam Scores taken within the last two years (and does not expire before March 2021): ATI/TEAS, Kaplan or HESI.

  1. Applicants cannot take any National Nursing Entrance Exam more than 2x within an application period (one time per semester) and exam dates must be at least 6 weeks apart, your highest score will be accepted.
  2. Applicants, if you elect to take your National Nursing Entrance Exam elsewhere, please be advised that you must take the categories that Camp Community College requires; English: Grammar and Reading Comprehension, Science: Biology, Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology and Math.

# 5 - Current Healthcare Provider CPR Certification

# 6 - Copy of Professional Healthcare License if applicable (LPN or CNA license only)

# 7 - Admit One Ticket from the Mandatory Advising/information sessions with Ms. Taylor.

# 8 - Completed application check list

If required documents are not hand delivered by the application deadline, then the application will not be considered for review.

Incomplete application packets will not be accepted or reviewed. Allied Health Applications