Camp Community College (Camp) and Franklin City Public Schools (FCPS) have partnered to ensure a pipeline of future teachers for local classrooms.  Through the Grow Your Own partnership, a group of aspiring teachers who are already employees of FCPS will enroll at Camp to earn an associate degree in Education.  After finishing the degree at Camp, they will transfer to a four-year college or university to complete the requirements needed for teacher certification. 

Of the partnership Dr. Tamara Sterling, FCPS Superintendent said, “Camp Community College - Franklin Campus, is one of the premier community colleges in the state of Virginia!  What makes this program so special is that it was a collaborative effort from beginning to end. We know our students will receive a high-quality education that will ultimately transcend to the classroom and make a huge impact to the students that they will serve upon graduation.” 

Likewise, the administration at Camp is pleased to have this opportunity to enroll and support FCPS staff in the education program.  “We appreciate that FCPS is investing to grow their own, and look forward to working with FCPS administration, and with these students as they pursue their career goals,” said Dr. Tara Atkins-Brady, Camp’s Vice President for Academic and Student Development. 

The first Grow Your Own group consists of 10 teacher assistants who will begin their studies at Camp in March.  The associate degree program will take about two years.  This group will have a network of peers for support.  FCPS will provide assistance with tuition, fees, and textbooks. 

In addition, FCPS faculty who already teach Camp’s general education courses for dual enrollment may teach some of these same courses to FCPS staff in the program.  Camp will provide the curriculum, advising, and other services for students to help them be successful.  “This partnership is a continuation of collaborative efforts between Franklin City Public Schools and Camp Community College to build the capacity of staff to fill vacancies in critical shortage areas,” said Dr. Natalie Halloran, Assistant Superintendent, FCPS.

“The collaboration between the college and Franklin Public Schools is an opportune way to address the teacher shortage in the Western Tidewater area,” said Dr. Daniel Lufkin, President, Camp Community College. “This collaboration not only helps to build a talented pool of teachers but more importantly, it is an investment in the lives of our community’s most valuable resource, our children.”