Already thinking ahead to the 2021 Fall Semester, the online scholarship application for Camp Community College will open February 15 with a deadline of April 30 for all scholarships.

The application is at the Camp Community College website - Current students, and those intending to enroll in the fall for the first time, can view the scholarships now to see what are the best options for them.

For those thinking about applying for the fall semester, scholarships are a good way to reduce the cost of attending college. There are scholarships for new and continuing students and graduating high school students. There are also scholarships for dual enrollment (high school/college) students seeking financial help.

“Thanks to our many donors who have sponsored these scholarships, we can offer students the opportunity to reduce the costs of their tuition and other needs,” said Jeff Zeigler, Executive Director of the Camp Community College Foundation. “Our scholarship committee is ready to announce the recipients of these fall semester scholarships by June 1.”

Students can also apply for admission to the college by going to

Fall enrollment begins March 1. Fall semester classes begin August 23. Summer enrollment also begins March 1. Summer classes begin May 24.