Pual with mask

Camp Community College recognizes the hard work and dedication of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Program Director Paul Ruppert during this week, which is designated to honor EMS agencies and workers in Virginia.

“Paul truly cares about his students and finds unique ways to connect with them through instruction and hands-on methods,” said Dean of Nursing and Allied Health Dr. Debbie Hartman. “Under normal circumstances, he also leads the students in a mass casualty drill on campus that helps them prepare to react effectively in emergency situations.”

Ruppert enjoys sharing his knowledge of EMS with others, as he participates in outreach opportunities often, such as college and career fairs, and on campus high school events, introducing potential newcomers to the various aspects of the career.

Recently, he headed a workgroup made up of many members representing area agencies and entities to develop an improved design of face mask for first responders, some of them were created onsite with the college’s 3D printer.

“He is very dedicated to his profession and to his students,” said Hartman. “He goes above and beyond what is needed, and everyone benefits from him being a part of our faculty and administration.”