Camp Community College’s Regional Workforce Development Center is launching a new program geared toward the 55+ population called Encore55+.

According to Dr. Carletta Artis, who will run the program, Encore is a program that was run by Camp’s WDC for a number of years, but was discontinued around the time COVID struck.

“Encore55+ is not new, but we want to rejuvenate the energy of the program. The program is still meant for individuals who are 55 and older, but we are also open to supporting other individuals near that range, Dr. Artis said. “We want to support this group by giving them fun and challenging things to do.”

Potential classes may include photography, painting, exercise, quilting, cooking and baking, social media, arts and crafts, drawing, and field trips and other social events.

“We hope the seniors that come in will actually bring their own ideas,” Dr. Artis said.

Community engagement is another possibility. There will be opportunities for participants to be mentors to children.

“We want to capitalize on their wisdom and knowledge and what they bring to the table and allow them to share that back to the community,” Dr. Artis said. “We want seniors to meet new friends and be active. We want them to celebrate and enjoy the life that they have.”

The Encore55+ program is made possible by a grant from Franklin Southampton Charities.

For more information, contact Dr. Artis at 757-569-6723 or email her at