Dr. Lufkin has made you aware that effective today, March 13, all of our college locations will be closed to students and visitors until April 3, and all classes will be taught remotely beginning next Wednesday, March 18. All other functions of the college will remain operational, however, we ask that business be conducted either by phone, email or through our website, www.pdc.edu.  Full-time faculty, staff and employees will report to campus as usual, but all group activities, including on campus classes, athletic events and special events will be cancelled or postponed until a later date. Courses with clinical components will need to be delayed until the college resumes face-to-face instruction.  Faculty and staff will work with their dean and the IT department to help facilitate the migration of classes to online platforms.

Provisions for students without devices suitable for online learning are being explored, and options will be communicated as soon as possible. If you have a student that informs you that they do not have a computer, please contact your dean for assistance.  Internet access will be available in the parking lots of the Suffolk and Franklin campuses.  There are also numerous Hot Spots available throughout our service region that are not affiliated with the school.   Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, students with special needs will also be accommodated.  Please speak with your dean to discuss how we will accommodate. 

This is a unique and temporary mode of instruction.  We have informed our accrediting bodies of our need to temporarily instruct all online.  Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th will be “all hands on deck” as we participate in a phone campaign to inform all of our students that we are open and ready to serve. By the end of the day on Tuesday, provide your dean with a detailed plan on how you will convert your face-to-face and hybrid classes to a 100% online format. This is also your opportunity to ensure you are ready to go live on Wednesday 18th. If you teach a course(s) that cannot be offered online, you will work with your Dean to establish a plan to assist and accommodate students and make up lost instructional time once normal operations have resumed. 

Several faculty members have already asked about instructing from home.  It is the expectation that full-time faculty will still hold their required 10 hours of office time on the campus. Please provide your dean with your revised schedule of times you will be on campus between the hours of 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday. This time can be used to assist students and advisees. Please take advantage of these office hours to ensure timely responses to your students’ questions or concerns.  The students’ communications should be answered within 24 hours.  You can provide your office number as another means of communication and transfer your office phone number to your cell phone (instructions are provided on the Telephone Directory). 

If a student has a clinical component in their instruction, there will be a delay in the clinical instruction until classes resume in a face-to-face setting and the training facility is safe for the faculty and students to return. Students are not permitted to be in the clinical facilities without their instructor. During this time, the students will be required to complete their classroom content online.

During this time of college-wide remote course delivery, students will not be required to travel to testing sites to have assignments proctored. Make the necessary adjustments to guarantee your course(s) is totally online so students will not need to interact with others. Some suggestions for online test proctoring, during this temporary, unique situation, are: Skype, Lock Down Browser, timed exams, and Zoom.

Instruction for dual enrolled students who take Camp courses online or on campus will be handled as stated above. Camp classes will be hosted via the Canvas site.  Should high schools close, face-to-face dual enrollment classes will be conducted in accordance with the high school’s continuity of operations plans, or resume when the high schools resume normal operations.  

Camp will work with students who are under mandatory or self-quarantine with sensitivity and confidentiality, while ensuring quality education.  Encourage students to contact you via email or phone to obtain assignments.  Please be proactive in communications with your students should an emergency occur, and remember that some additional flexibility may be necessary in working with students during this time. 

Please ensure that your Dean has your current contact information. 

If you become ill, please do not come on campus. Work with your dean to develop an alternate plan. If you are not able to provide instruction online, also inform your Dean.   Camp will work with sister schools, if necessary, to ensure instruction can be maintained for the students. If the course is not offered at a sister school and cannot be offered online (i.e., welding, electricity, HVAC, etc.), then the course will be postponed until the college reopens and assumes normal operations. If necessary, the college will adjust class-meeting times to allow students and faculty additional time to complete the requirements of the courses. This may include weekend meetings, extending the semester, and assigning Incomplete grades if necessary. 

Lastly, be prepared to attend a Zoom meeting Tuesday with Dr. Lufkin and a possible follow up meeting with your dean.

Thank you for your attention to these requests.  If you have questions, concerns, or recommendations pertaining to continuity of instruction, please communicate those to your Dean.


Dr. Oliver, Dr. Hartman, and Dean Jones