Program: General Studies- Computer Science (697-02)
Award: Associate of Arts and Sciences (transfer degree)

Program Purpose:

This program is designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

What will I learn?

Students in this program will be introduced to the field of computer science, and develop foundational knowledge and skills for civic engagement, critical thinking, professional readiness, quantitative literacy, scientific literacy, and written communication. 

How long will I need to be in college?

A college-ready student attending Camp full-time can complete this associate degree in two years. 

Where do Camp students who complete this degree transfer?

Over the last five years, Camp graduates from this program have transferred to Christopher Newport University, King University, Old Dominion University and Virginia Polytech and State University.

What is the job outlook for computer science related careers that require a four-year degree?

As of the first quarter of 2020, total employment in the Hampton Roads Workforce Region was as follows:

  • Computer Systems Analyst was 2,675.Over the last three years, this field added 11 jobs in the region (Source:Jobs EQ Occupation Report Computer Systems Analysts, August 2020).
  • Database Administrator was 718 .Over the last three years, this field shed 18 jobs in the region (Source:Jobs EQ Occupation Report Database Administrator, August 2020).
  • Software Developers was 6,410 .Over the last three years, this field added 75  jobs in the region (Source:Jobs EQ Occupation Report Software Developers, August 2020).
  • Web Developer was 648 .Over the last three years, this field added 37 jobs in the region (Source:Jobs EQ Occupation Report Web Developer, August 2020).

How much can I earn with a four-year degree in computer science?

Below are the 2019 wages for careers, within the Hampton Roads Workforce Region, that are related to this field.


Entry Level



Computer Systems Analyst




Database Administrators




Software Developers




Web Developer




(Source:  Jobs EQ Occupation Report Wages, August 2020)

Want to know more?  Check out the program map and program requirements in the College Catalog.