Program: Nurse Aide (221-157-04)
Award: Career Studies Certificate 

Program Purpose:

This program is designed to prepare students for employment as nursing assistants.

Paul D. Camp Community College’s Pre-Nursing and Nurse Aide programs provide students with the educational requirements needed to be eligible to sit for the National Nurse Assistance Assessment Program (NNAAP) assessment and certify as a Nurse aide (CNA) through the Virginia Board of Nursing. Students who intend to work as an CNA outside of Virginia will need to take the NNAAP assessment certification and contact their state Board of Nursing. Students must comply with their state’s individual requirements in order to obtain authorization to practice in that particular state. It is each individual’s responsibility to understand, evaluate and comply with requirements for the state in which they intend to work as an CNA.  Please check your state’s requirements through the Nurse Aide Registries

Paul D. Camp Community College has not determined if the Nurse Aide program meets the requirements of all states. Please view our State by State List to review those states that Paul D. Camp Community College has determined either meets or does not meet the state’s licensure requirements.  If Camp has not made a determination that will be noted as well.

What will I learn?

Students successfully completing this program will be able to…

  • Describe the scope of nurse aide practice.
  • Demonstrate effective and therapeutic communication skills.
  • Demonstrate beginning collaboration with the client, family, and other members of the health care team and how HIPAA plays an important role.
  • Begin to plan, with guidance, culturally sensitive, appropriate, and competent nursing care.
  • Relate ethical and legal concepts to accountability in nursing practice.

How long will I need to be in college?

A college-ready student attending Camp full-time can complete this career studies certificate in one academic year (two semesters). 

What job or career can I get with this career studies certificate?

Upon completion of the career studies certificate, graduates will possess the knowledge and skills required for a career in the nursing profession as a nursing assistant.

What is the job outlook for graduates from this program?

As of the fourth quarter of 2021, total employment in the Hampton Roads Workforce Region for Nursing Assistants was 5,046.  There is projected annual demand/need for 639 new entrants into this occupation (Source:  Jobs EQ Occupation Report Nursing Assistants, April 2022).

How much can I earn with this career studies certificate?

Below are the 2021 wages for careers, within the Hampton Roads Workforce Region, that are related to this field.


Entry Level



Nursing Assistant




(Source:  Jobs EQ Occupation Report Wages, April 2022)

Want to know more?  Check out the program map and program requirements in the College Catalog.