Tuition Refund Policy for Credit Offerings
Students are eligible for a refund for those credit hours dropped during the add/drop period. After the add/drop period has passed, there shall be no refunds, except as provided below.

The College reserves the right to approve tuition refunds beyond the add/drop period if mitigating circumstances exist. A refund may be authorized by the Office of Admissions in the following mitigating circumstances:

  • In the case of Administrative error by Camp or the VCCS.
  • Extreme financial hardship, or in some extraordinary circumstances, a student suffers an unexpected major medical emergency or extended illness that requires hospitalization, is life threatening, or is contagious presenting a danger to the college community. The medical problem must force absence from more than 10% of class sessions. A physician’s verification is required.
  • In the case of student’s death, or if a member of the student’s immediate family (mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, or child) dies.
  • When the President of the United States declares a national emergency or a mobilization in accordance with Section 23-96.2 of the Code of Virginia. A copy of military orders is required.

To request a refund for one of the above circumstances, a student must do the following:

  • Withdraw from all classes for the semester in question by executing an official drop form at the College or drop classes on the internet using the VCCS Student Information System (SIS) by refund dates published. Refund requests for only some classes and not others can be considered only in cases of College error or in unique circumstances.
  • Write a letter to the Dean of Student Services requesting a refund and stating the reason for withdrawal.
  • Attach any justifying documents including doctor’s statements, documentation of errors, copies of death certificates, military orders and the like.

Official resignation for a student shall become effective on the date that written notification of intent to resign is received by the Office of Admissions and Records or the date the student drops the course(s) on the internet using the VCCS SIS. If a refund is approved, it will be sent to the student’s address of record. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the College has a current and correct address on file.

If a refund is granted (after the last day for a refund date has passed) for any of the above listed reasons, the class and the “W” grade will be permanently removed from the student’s official record with a retroactive drop. If a refund is denied, then the Office of Admissions will send a letter to that effect.

All services shall be withheld from a student who owes money to the College for any reason or who has books or materials outstanding from the College.

Revenue refunds are generally generated automatically from the SIS from which a general state warrant shall be issued. The revenue refund is prepared payable to the student at the student’s last known address as payee.