Camp has several scholarships available for students pursuing “non-credit” instruction and certificates, such as forklift, clamp and reach truck training, fast track welding, Marine Coatings, Electrician and more. These scholarships are distributed throughout the year in increments ranging from $50 to $250 and up. Additionally, those who apply for and are awarded Camp’s GED and Adult Education Scholarship can apply those funds toward Workforce Development courses.

Scholarships include:

Workforce/LogistX Scholarship

Amount: $1,000 annually

The Workforce Development Scholarship was established to help provide scholarships to students pursuing an Associate’s degree, workforce certification, or other educational pursuits, including those in the logistics field. Through the support and generosity of Hampton Roads LogistX Games and donations celebrating Camp’s Workforce Development Program 10th anniversary this scholarship provides up to $1,000 annually toward students taking credit and non-credit workforce-related courses.

The Workforce/LogistX Scholarship is designed specifically to provide scholarship assistance in the form of funding for tuition, books and related fees.


  • Available to students taking non-credit or credit trades related courses at Camp.
  • Applicants must reside in or have a business or significant interest within the Western Tidewater region of Virginia which includes the communities of Franklin, Suffolk, Isle of Wight County and Southampton County.
  • Funding is available throughout the Camp Academic year (fall, spring, or summer semesters).
  • Financial need, as determined through the Financial Aid Office, is considered, but is not the only criterion for selection.
  • Disbursals can be made in increments commensurate with per credit hour courses, or through tuition/fee based training courses, such as those offered at the Workforce Development Center.
  • For returning credit students, a minimum GPA of 2.5 is required. For workforce non-credit training and courses, the GPA will be considered, but it is acknowledged that GPA is not a primary criterion for scholarship awards consideration.

GED & Adult Education Scholarship

Amount: Up to $1,000 per student (minimum 10 students per year)

The GED and Adult Education Scholarship was initially established as part of the Rural Virginia Horseshoe Initiative (RVHI), providing incentives for recent GED recipients to continue their education in the workforce and other programs of study. Almost 20% of rural Virginians do not graduate high school. As a result, the Commonwealth ranks 31st nationally in the percentage of the population with at least a high school equivalency.

This scholarship is an investment in people who want to work and find a career that will empower them to become strong, productive citizens. It gives a little financial help to encourage GED recipients to begin (or continue) their education after high school and helps inspire people without a GED to earn one. The GED Adult Education Scholarship is building a bridge from high school to college to career. In addition to the scholarship, awardees will receive support from counselors, advisors, and other support services on the Camp campuses to help them reach their education and career goals.

The scholarship is available for students who want to enroll in Credit and/or Non-credit courses, ranging from forklift classes to welding, electrical and HVAC certificates to associate’s degrees in Nursing and more. The scholarship may be used to pay for classes, tools or other items needed for specific courses, computers and/or barriers that prevent a student from pursuing his/her academic goals (childcare, transportation, etc.).

The GED & Adult Education Scholarship is available for students who meet the following criteria:

  • Applicant must have recently earned a GED certificate (within the last 5 years)
  • Applicant will need to upload a copy of their GED certificate
  • Applicant must not be enrolled in another college or university
  • Applicant must reside in the Western Tidewater communities of Franklin, Suffolk, Isle of Wight County, or Southampton County, Virginia
  • Submissions must include a few words on what courses or career the applicant plans to pursue and how they will use this scholarship
  • Student may enroll in Non-credit (such as Workforce Development) and/or Credit (lead to an associate’s degree or certificate) courses
  • For students taking Credit courses, this scholarship is to be used as “last dollar” funding (after last form of other financial aid is used)
  • Financial need is not necessarily a determining factor; however, Credit students must complete the free FAFSA
  • Scholarship is awarded on a first come, first serve basis