Tuition and Fees are established and approved annually by the State Board for Community Colleges. Tuition and fees are charged per credit hour. Fees include a technology fee, student activity fee and auxiliary fee, and for out of state students, an additional capital fee.

A Virginia resident is one who has been domiciled in, and is, and has been an actual bona fide legal resident of Virginia for a period of at least one year prior to the commencement of the term or semester for which enrollment is sought. Residency Status is determined by the Office of Admissions.

The tuition due is obtained by multiplying the credits taken times the amount per credit.

Payment of tuition enables the student to use the Library Learning Commons, bookstore, parking lot, college lounge, and other facilities of the College. There are no special laboratory or library fees, but students are expected to pay charges for any College property which they damage or lose (such as laboratory or shop equipment, supplies, library books, and materials). There is a $35.00 fee payable to the Business Office for any student submitting a dishonored check to the College.

Tuition rates may be changed by action of the State Board for Community Colleges. Current tuition fees are posted online.

Tuition Payment Plan
Paul D. Camp Community College provides payment plan options to help you afford education. The cost to participate is a nonrefundable enrollment fee per semester, depending on the number of payments. 

Books and Materials
Students are expected to obtain their own books, supplies, and consumable materials needed in their studies. The estimated cost of these items will average $500-$1200 per semester for a full- time student. Bookstore services are available at the Franklin Campus, Hobbs Suffolk Campus, and online