Paul D. Camp Community College (Camp) is the third smallest community college in Virginia Community College System (VCCS). In 2022-23, 1,645 students attended Camp, either at one of its campuses, on-line or through Dual Enrollment.

Additional data and figures can be found in Camp’s Fact Book.


Paul D. Camp Community College’s (Camp) students body is predominately female (65%).  A majority are white (52%) and 35% identify as Black. Due in part to Camp’s Dual Enrollment population, the overall student population has gotten younger over the last five years, with 71% of all students under the age of 22.   In addition, approximately 20% of Camp’s student body is considered first generation, meaning that neither the student's mother nor father attended college.
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Paul D. Camp Community College (Camp) awards degrees, certificates, and career studies certificates three times a year (summer, winter and spring).