Assessment at Paul D. Camp Community College (Camp) is an ongoing systematic process in which measurable goals are established, data collected, analyzed and interpreted, and results are used to continuously improvement programs and services.  The Institutional Effectiveness Handbook  outlines the assessment processes, timelines, and serves as a resource for faculty and staff.


General Education Core Competencies
OIE utilizes the college’s General Education Core Competency Assessment Plan and Institutional Effectiveness Handbook to coordinate the assessment of general education core competencies.  Camp’s assessment plan is in accordance with both the VCCS Policy Manual for Education Programs and the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) Policy on Student Learning Assessment and Quality in Undergraduate Education. The assessment plan outlines each competency, the corresponding student learning outcomes (SLO) and how and when each competency will be assessed. 

  • civic engagement
  • critical thinking
  • professional readiness
  • quantitative literacy
  • scientific literacy
  • written communication

Faculty/Staff Toolkit
The assessment toolkit is designed to assist staff, and faculty in completing a comprehensive review of their respective unit and/or academic program reviews.
The toolkit includes internal and external documents and websites.

Tools for Assessment

Resources for Classroom Teaching and Assessment

Internet Resources from Various Institutions and Organizations

OIE administers a number of surveys throughout the academic year to solicit input from various stakeholders. Surveys are used for assessment and improvement of the college’s programs and services.  After a survey is administered and the data is collected the results/report will be posted here.

Graduate Survey
AY 2020-21
AY 2019-20

AY 2018-19
AY 2017-18
AY 2016-17

Student Survey
AY 2019-20

AY 2018-19
AY 2017-18

Institutional Effectiveness Survey
AY 2018-19
AY 2017-18
AY 2016-17

Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)
2018 Key Findings
2015 Key Findings
2012 Key Findings