There are many giving options available to donors of the Paul D. Camp Community College Foundation. No matter “how” or “how much” you give, your generosity will make a difference in the lives of the students, educators and the community served by the College! Please contact the foundation office for specific information about any of these giving methods.

  1. Annual Fund The Annual Fund campaign supports the College and its operational needs not otherwise funded by the state. The Annual Fund drive is conducted in the fall, soliciting donations from Paul D. Camp Community College employees and the community. This campaign provides students, families, faculty, alumni, as well as new and faithful supporters the opportunity to show their support at various giving levels in order to address the College’s present and future needs.
  2. Cash Gifts Cash gifts are the most common charitable gifts because they are simple and easy to deliver and result in a charitable tax deduction for the year given. You can choose to make a one-time cash gift or make donations on a monthly, quarterly or any payment schedule.
  3. Endowed Scholarships You may create a named endowed scholarship fund for Paul D. Camp Community College students. An endowed scholarship currently requires a minimum contribution of $15,000. Ways to reach this minimum include one-time cash gifts, stocks and gifts given over a period of time. The foundation will be pleased to work with you a payment schedule that allows you to establish a scholarship fund.
  4. Non-Endowed Scholarships A minimum gift of $1000 per academic year establishes a named non-endowed scholarship. You may also choose to continue the scholarship with annual donations. Gifts can also be made to the foundation’s General Scholarship Fund.
  5. Securities The foundation readily accepts stocks or other securities as donations. By contributing a long-term appreciated stock or other security, you are helping secure the educational goals for students, and you may avoid capital gains taxes while taking a charitable deduction.
  6. Real Estate Gifts of appreciated real estate, such as a home, vacation property or undeveloped land, may allow a donor to avoid significant tax liability. There are various ways property may be donated.
  7. Retirement Plan Assets By naming the Paul D. Camp Community College Foundation as a beneficiary of your retirement account, you maintain lifetime control of these assets which pass to the foundation upon your demise. In addition, your estate may be able to avoid certain income and estate taxes.
  8. Life Insurance Gifts of life insurance allow a donor to provide for beneficiaries, achieve substantial tax savings and make a larger gift than might otherwise have been possible. There are a number of ways to give a gift of life insurance: a policy can be contributed to the Paul D. Camp Community College Foundation or the foundation can be named as a beneficiary or successor beneficiary of the policy.
  9. Bequests A bequest is a gift of any form or amount made outright in an individual’s will. Charitable bequests to the Paul D. Camp Community College Foundation can be included when executing a new will or added to an existing will through a codicil and are fully deductible for federal estate tax. You may leave an unrestricted or restricted bequest of cash, property, or a portion or the entire residue of your estate. An unrestricted gift is the most valuable to the foundation and is allocated where the need is the greatest, however you may established your own endowment or contribute to existing fund.
  10. In-Kind Donations The Foundation accepts in-kind donations, such as artwork or equipment that can be readily converted to cash. Please contact the foundation to see if your item(s) can further the educational goals of the college’s students.
  11. Tributes and Memorials These gifts are a great way to honor and pay tribute to an individual or celebrate an occasion, such as anniversary, birthday or new family member. The foundation informs the honoree (or their family) of the gift with a note (the gift amount is kept confidential) showing that you care not only about them, but the future of your community.
  12. Equipment and Personal Property The foundation accepts equipment and personal property (art work, automobiles, and books) that can be of use to the college or sold quickly. It is best to contact the foundation office to discuss your potential donation before planning to make such a gift. You must obtain an appraisal for contributions over $5,000.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not intended as a legal or tax advice. When making a charitable gift you should always consult your attorney, accountant, and other financial professionals so that the benefit of the gift meets your expectations.

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